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Palo Santo also known as "Holy Wood."

When burned gives off a earthy, Frankincense, citrus like smell. Doesn't smoke nearly as much as sage.

5 sticks to a bag. Light for purification & protection. Pack of 5 $7.00

Large White Sage Bundle.

Used to cleanse and protect your space, self and belongings. Comes with step by step instructions on how to sage properly.

1 large bundle $10.00

Small Sage Bundle.

Used to cleanse and protect your space, self and belongings. Comes with step by step instructions on how to sage properly.

1 small 4 inch Sage Bundle $4.00

Be Dreamy, Be Loved, Be Happy & Be Grounded

Roll on Perfumes 1/3 oz.

Blended and magically created by Christy, these perfumes help lift your inner spirit and promote love, happiness and a creative energy. 

Be Loved- Pomegranate, Plumeria & Sweat Pea

Be Dreamy- Vanilla, Pear, Jasmine & more..

Be Happy- Bright Citrus, Lemon, Lime & Cherry..

Be Grounded- Woody, Vanilla, Plum & more...

$8.00 Each  

Large Abalone or Lion Paw Shells (5-7 inch)

Great for housing your sage or palo santo ashes or for the burning of herbs and resins. We hand pick all of our shells to get the best shape, color and depth of the bowl. 


Past, Present & Future Spread w/ 1 question.

We will personally draw 3 cards for you and give you a detailed reading via Email along with a picture of the cards pulled. This reading will shead insight on the present and how to make the most of the future. We will then pull one more card to shed clarity on your question. Please include name, dob, 1 question and your email in the comment box at check out.


Full Set of Chime Candles

12 colors as seen above. You will also receive a candle magic color sheet with the properties for each color to help you make the most of your candle magic.


Mojo Bag

Let us custom blend and bless a Mojo Bag for you. We will add 5 Crystals or Gemstones and Herbs for your specified need. Be it Love, Business, Healing, Justice, Sleep, Friendship, Prosperity or Protection we will magically create a perfect blend for you.


Magical Resin Blends created by Christy during the Full Moon. Made with herbs & resins. 4 different blends to choose from: Love, Protection, Positive Vibes & Money

Just a little pinch will go a long way. To be burned over charcoal.

$7.00 Each

Anointing Oils

Magically created by Christy during the Full Moon with grape seed oil, herbs, essential oils & resins. Use these oils to anoint your candles, your self or amulets.

4 different oils to choose from:

Love- to help draw in & enhance 

Protection- to shield your aura & repel negative energy 

Prosperity- to bring in money & abundance

Full Moon- to aid in all magical moon workings


Power Stones for you Astrology Sign

This kit includes 3 hand selected stones, Salt for cleansing & a bag to carry them in. Each kit comes with a card specific for your sign with the name of the stones & the properties it aids your sign with.

$5.00 Each

Sacred Cleansing Spray

Custom Blended by Christy 

This spray can be used to cleanse your aura, space or magical tools. A mixture of Florida Water, Sage, Lavender & Cedar essential oils.

4 oz. $10.00

Gemstone Bracelets

These cute gemstone chip bracelets come with an organza bag and information card with the properties the bracelet gives the wearer.

11 different stones to choose from:

Goldstone, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Unakite, Carnelian, Amethyst, Howlite, Hematite, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli & Labradorite

$5.00 Each

Enchanted Candles

These candles are Magically Created with hand picked Crystals in the bottom, essential oils & soy wax. Each candle is handmade, blessed & charged by Christy. 5 crystal candles to choose from:

Love- find, keep & aid in true unconditional love

Mojo- to help get you life & mojo back on track

Abundance- to aid in prosperity & growth

Happy Home- to bring positive energy to your space

Dragons Blood - When you just need that extra POW!

$10.00 each

Pure Resins

These resins are to be burned over charcoal in a fire safe dish, shell, bowl or cauldron. 7 different resins to choose from:

Dragons Blood- That extra POW to your Magic Work


Frak & Myrrh-



Celtic Blend-

$5.00 Each

Organic Flower Herbs

These are top quality organic herbs.

You can use these herbs in Baths, Teas, Oils, Burn or add to a Mojo bag. 6 different Flowers to choose from:







$4.00 Each

Herbal Blends

Mixed & Blended by Christy

These blends are created with resins & organic herbs. You can add to any oil carrier, use in candle magic, add to a mojo bag or burn over charcoal. 4 different blends to choose from:

Money, Love, Banish & Healing

$5.00 Each

Quick & Easy Abundance Spell

This kit is designed to do a quick & easy abundance ritual. It includes 6 crystals, sage, candle & written instructions. It helps you refocus and apply your energy correctly to help manifest abundance in your life.


Mini Astrology Reading - Sun, Moon & Rising Sign

Discover the three major astrological influences that shape your personality. Birth date, time & location are required. 


Mini Evolutionary Astrology Reading 

Learn about your past life patterns that can hold you back from living your fullest potential and how to work through the blocks. Birth date is needed. Birth time & location are optional. 


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