About Christy

Christy has been a psychic & tarot reader for over 17 years. Gifted at an early age, she developed her gifts in her late 20's, where she was able to connect to her higher self. The gifts she acquired includes tarot reading, psychometry, mediumship, intuitive and teaching.


The readings you will receive will not be traditional.  Her unique methods leave most, if not all of her clients to do certain types of "homework" to facilitate growth and results. 


She has been requested as a guest reader for the past 8 years at the oldest witch shop in Salem, MA. Crowhaven Corner. The lovely Lorelei, Love Psychic and Owner of Crowhaven was her first mentor.  You can read more about Lorelei at crowhavencorner.net.


Christy gives back to her community by supporting local groups and charities such as Goddess in the Garden, Cancer Awareness, American Stage and Rib Fest-All Children's Hospital just to name a few.


Enchanted Notions & Mystical Potions has been in business since 2007 and has been gaining local & national notoriety.

In the shop you will find a variety of metaphysical and magical tools and gifts.




Please call the shop to schedule a reading with Christy.

Due to the high volume of Christy’s readings, appointments require a

NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of 50% of the total cost of your reading. 


Christy's Readings are never general. This type of reading will include a little bit of everything... Love, Past Issues, Family, Health, Business etc.... Her readings begin with an atmospheric spread which she asks nothing and speaks of what she sees currently going on within your life. Then she will move onto any questions or concerns.


30 mins-$65     1 hour-$130


Christy's love readings work on healing and helping all matters of the heart. When the love reading is complete, Christy will then do a magical circle for love and you will leave with crystals hand selected by Christy to aid in your love life.  

1 hour-$130


Couples readings can be fun. Christy begins reading 1 partner first, focusing on any issues they have in the moment. Then reads the 2 partner the same. This allows each partner to see from an outside perspective what each person is needing. Then she reads the future of that relationship. 

30 mins-$90  1 Hour-$150

Other Readers: 30 mins/ $75  1 Hour/$125


Christy only books Mediumship appointments first thing in the morning to ensure a quiet informative experience. Nothing is needed other than yourself. If you'd like to bring a picture of your love one feel free. Sometimes having a picture increases the energy and read. Times are 11-12pm only. 

1 hour-$175

  621 Central Ave N 

Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

M-Sat 11-6pm Sun 12-5pm


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