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Our Readers and Healers

Please call the shop to schedule a reading and arrive at least 5 mins before your appointment as our readers get very busy! 


Linda - Alchemist Tarot Reader

The Alchemist approach is about transformation of matter. That we are all created of elementals. We can mold and bend these elements to transform our lives. By looking deeper into the transformation of thoughts, patterns and our perceptions, we can shape the course of our journey. Linda takes a very direct approach in her readings. Outlining obstacles and goals for your highest good. Linda is also an artist, so her creative side lends to her thinking out side of the box insight. Gifted early on she continues to evolve and nurture her gifts.

Readers Rates:

 $35 every 15 mins.

$130 -1 hour

Reiki $92.50 -30 min

Reiki $190 - 1 hour

Couples Reads:

$80 - 30 mins.

$160 - 1 hour

Past Life Regression

$92.50 - 30 mins.

$195 - 1 hour

Hypno Therapy:

$200 - 1 hour

Alma - Akashic Record Readings 

What is an Akashic Record?

Your deepest emotions and memories, past and present are stored in a record bank. These records reveal the reasons as to why we do certain things over and over, Why certain people challenge us and what we need to learn to advance. This information can help guide you and aid you in not repeating the same patterns.

Alma consults with The Masters or Book Keepers to be granted permission to view your records. Then she will open your records and the journey begins....

Alma is extremely gifted and passionate about her readings. Let her help unlock the past to bring you up to date in your future.

Currently available for phone readings.

Liz  Intuitive Psychic & Reader


Liz, an ordained minister, is an intuitive with over 30 years of experience in the realm of spirituality and mindfulness Her approach always varies with each client and their reading. She connects to your personal situations, helping you on the path to enlightenment. Liz can help you to recognize your true talents, while also highlighting the blocks and old patterns that hold you back from reaching your full potential. She will help you understand insights and situations that are going on around you. Liz will also assist along the way and teach you how to let go of emotions that no longer serve you She can teach how to live a mindful life and take a deeper dive into the past, present, and future to uncover energy blocks and disrupt old patterns in order to create the life you've always wanted.
• Intuitive Psychic & Medium Readings • Emotional Healing, Reiki, Chakra Balancing • Tarot & Oracle Angel Card Readings • Spiritual Counseling & Guidance • Spirit Guide Connections • Meditation • Intuitive & Psychic Development, & Hypnosis.


IMG_1819 3.HEIC

Doreen Psychic Reader
& Energy Worker

Doreen follows a very eclectic path. Years of exploring Native American customs & spiritual beliefs have formed her spiritual practices. Tarot has become her divination tool of choice but also channels intuitive messages from her guides.Thru years of being a LMT she has learned to use energy work as a great form of healing and clearing for her clients. Doreen has over 25 years experience with her gift. Trusting and surrendering to spirit helps her provide a wonderful reading for anyone in search of clarity.

Book a Reading or Energy Clearing with Doreen.


Rebecca Tarot Reader

Although Rebecca is the youngest of our readers.. don't let that fool you! This lovely old soul has great insight and provides a meaningful reading thru the use of her cards. Sometimes a youthful perspective is just what the soul needs. Her light hearted reads allow you to find your inner child and explore life thru a youthful set of eyes.

Rebecca also loves to clear blockages in your Chakras. Book a Reading or Chakra Clearing with her.


Nancy Astrologer & Tarot Reader

Nancy has been doing Astrology for decades and added Tarot into her abilities about 10 years ago. Sharing her love and knowledge to help bring awareness, and peace to others is her greatest joy. 

Let her help map out who you are and to enlighten you about your souls path in this lifetime. Her readings combined with your natal chart can truly bring a new prospective to your journey.

Book a Natal Chart, Astrology or Tarot Reading with Nancy.

She also teaches Astrology classes @ Enchanted Notions. Check in our classes and sessions to see when her next class will be.

Missy Bio Photo.jpg

Missy - Intuitive Psychic, Tarot Reader & Energy Worker

For Missy, it is her passion to help others find their path, their purpose, and gain clarity in life to realize their dreams.

She has evolved her practice over the better part of two decades as a light worker. Her gifts include being a Clairsentience. Someone who is able to feel, hear and see spirit. Along with psychometry and auto writing, she uses these gifts to help give an accurate detailed reading. She uses Tarot cards as a tool for mental and emotional support as well as inspired direction.

Missy is an ordained minister who's performed wedding ceremonies all over.

Call today to book with Missy.

Shannon Spring -AnimalCommunicator/Medium

Want to know what your pets are thinking or feeling? Need help with behavioral, emotional and medical challenges, or missing a pet that has passed? Book a reading with our Animal Communicator/Medium Shannon Spring M. Ed. Shannon has helped thousands of pets and their people around the world live happier and healthier lives by peaking directly and relaying messages with evidence, compassion and humor. Any species, any challenge, anywhere! Shannon's available by FaceTime, Zoom and Phone. She works with or without photos. House Calls and events available for an additional cost.


Legal Disclaimer

All readings are intended to offer insight into a person’s personal life, are for educational purposes, and do not in any way, constitute legal, medical, or psychological advice.

All readings are for persons 18 years or older.

Client assumes all responsibility and risks of ones person, body, decisions, physical condition, mental health, medical treatment, death, injury, illness, personal property, emotional health or disability during and after readings, healing sessions, counseling sessions, classes/workshops or seminars.

Enchanted Notions reserves the right to deny service to anyone.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

It is the responsibility of the client if within the first 5 minutes you feel your session is not going to your satisfaction that you ask to end the session. Full payment is required if you choose to continue the reading after the 5 minute window.

No shows will not be allowed to schedule appointments in the future but can take advantage of our walk-in service.

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