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Crystal of the Month

Blue Calcite


Blue calcite connects to your throat chakra and aids in clear communication. It is a stone that promotes mindfulness will helping you to access your higher mind and divine inspiration. Use this crystal to expand your mental awareness and increase your intuition when when communicating with others.



Archangel Raziel works closely with the secrets of the universe and is said to hear everything God says. He is often seen a a wise, old man that turns knowledge into wisdom and can help you to connect with information from past lives. He can assist you in recovering from painful memories and trauma as well as releasing old contracts. Call upon this wise teacher when you are ready to connect to the secrets of your past. 

Angel of the Month

Decemeber Astro Forecast 

12/1/2020 Mercury into Sagittarius 

12/14/2020 New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

12/15/2020 Venus into Sagittarius

12/17/2020 Saturn into Aquarius

12/19/2020 Jupiter into Aquarius

12/20/2020 Mercury into Capricorn

12/21/2020  Sun into Capricorn

12/29/2020 Full Moon in Cancer


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Sometimes we all need a little help. I opened this shop in 2007 with only one goal in mind. I wanted to create a place where people seeking guidance and clarity could receive the truth. A place that the moment you walked into this space, you could feel the positive energy. For those scared of the unknown, they could ask questions and be met by someone eager to teach, help and enlighten. I truly feel our shop has exceeded those goals and we continue to evolve and grow to meet those needs. We support our community and local business

There is no VooDoo or Black Magick practiced or taught in this shop. Only the power of positive energy, manifesting things we need and following the Law of 3.  "Ye Harm None." Never attempt to change free will.

-Christy & Jon Faris-

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