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September 2022

October 1, 2022 from 1-5 pm AURA PHOTOGRAPHY with DONNA!
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6/10/2022 Full Moon in Pisces " Harvest Moon "

Emotions will be heightened during this phase.

Pisces being the last sign in the zodiac will be taking on all of the emotions from all the other signs. Emotions will be pushed to the surface and you'll need to allow them to rise to the top, address them and let them go. No need to suppress!


Crystal of the Month

Pink Amethyst


Pink Amethyst- What a beautiful stone!

This stone is great for protection against negative energies. Alleviating emotional dramas and helps use to not allow ourself to be over critical. Place over the heart chakra to bring in relaxation.

Celebrating all walks of Life!


Angel of the Month

Archangel Gabriel helps us communicate important messages. So this is a great time to write out your petitions to The Universe and God.  Express goals and desire with an open heart. Release things that no longer serve you.




Oracle Card of the Month

The Queen


There is a light side and dark side to us all. This months oracle card is The Queen. Appropriate since The Queen of England has passed.

 When we work in the Light side of ourselves, we embody grace, eloquence and diplomacy. We handle things with courage and integrity.

When our Dark side is at play we are self righteous, egotistical and cruel. 

To bring the shadow side back into balance we must accept that we don't always need to be in control. That it is just as important to agree to disagree in some situations.

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Sometimes we all need a little help. I opened this shop in 2007 with only one goal in mind. I wanted to create a place where people seeking guidance and clarity could receive the truth. A place that the moment you walked into this space, you could feel the positive energy. For those scared of the unknown, they could ask questions and be met by someone eager to teach, help and enlighten. I truly feel our shop has exceeded those goals and we continue to evolve and grow to meet those needs. We support our community and local business

There is no VooDoo or Black Magick practiced or taught in this shop. Only the power of positive energy, manifesting things we need and following the Law of 3.  "Ye Harm None." Never attempt to change free will.

-Christy & Jon Faris-

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