October Astro Forecast 

Heart Confetti

Happy Valentine's Day

We've got all kinds of great magical gifts for your sweetheart!

02/1/2022 New Moon in Aquarius

(No time to be wishy washy! Don't put too many irons in the fire. Complete the task at hand.)

2/2/2022 Mercury goes direct

(Yippee Retrograde is over!)

02/16/2022  Full Moon in Leo (Snow Moon)

(Time to let go! Patterns are forcing closure & healing. Cut cords that no longer serve you!)


Crystal of the Month



Garnet- Stone of Love & Passion!

Just in time for Valentine's Day! Bring in new passion into your life. Passion doesn't mean just Love or lust. We all can use a bit of passion, fun excitement in all areas of our lives.

Get your Love so magical gift!


Angel of the Month

Archangel Chamuel  is the Angel for love & harmony. He represents Peace & Justice. Giving us strength to overcome difficult times. The Angel of Pure Love brings us a powerful spiritual illumination into your life. When feeling anxious, sad or lonely call upon him. He will fill your heart up with love.



IMG_1444_Facetune_31-01-2022-14-01-13 2.HEIC

Oracle Card of the Month

Rose Quartz


Time to dive into Love or the Renewal of your relationships.

Do you love the partnership your'e in? or does it need an infusion of trust, compassion or fun? Whether you're in a serious relationship or not in one at all... it doesn't matter! Time to show self love and fill your heart up with peace and happiness. Love the life you have!  No one's life is perfect. However, we can always find ways to improve the journey. Get rid of things that no longer serve you. Re-evaluate what is working and what isn't. Stagnation is a choice.

IMG_0110_Facetune_10-10-2021-12-57-54 2.HEIC

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Sometimes we all need a little help. I opened this shop in 2007 with only one goal in mind. I wanted to create a place where people seeking guidance and clarity could receive the truth. A place that the moment you walked into this space, you could feel the positive energy. For those scared of the unknown, they could ask questions and be met by someone eager to teach, help and enlighten. I truly feel our shop has exceeded those goals and we continue to evolve and grow to meet those needs. We support our community and local business

There is no VooDoo or Black Magick practiced or taught in this shop. Only the power of positive energy, manifesting things we need and following the Law of 3.  "Ye Harm None." Never attempt to change free will.

-Christy & Jon Faris-

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