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6/14/2022 Full Super Strawberry Moon

This Moon will be in the free spirited Sagittarius.

Emotions will be heightened during this phase.

Try to not let drama and tensions allow your emotions to boil over. Take time to respond not react. Called the Strawberry Moon by the Native Americans this was known for the ripening of the berries which were ready to be harvested. Time to evaluate what things in your life are at their final stages. Look towards the Summer months and start planning for the Winter. Are you where you need to be Spiritually? Or are you still struggling to feel satisfied ?


Crystal of the Month



Selenite - Wonderful stone for healers. Great for balancing and aligning your Chakras. This stone never has to be cleansed. You can place your other stones on or touching the Selenite to cleanse them. Selenite rids negativity and brings in a better connection to source.

Celebrating all walks of Life!


Angel of the Month

Archangel Uriel is the Angel of Service. and wisdom.

He shines the light of truth on the darkness.

Today Uriel is guiding you to bring a career, idea or endeavor into existence. Now is a great time to take action. Call upon him to aid you in this quest.



IMG_2698_Facetune_13-06-2022-12-06-53 2.HEIC

Oracle Card of the Month

Child Eternal


There is a light side and dark side to us all. This months optical card is called an archetype  card. It speaks to us about our alter egos. The good and the bad qualities that we all can possess. 

This card is about your inner child. When you are  working in the light vibration of yourself you are able to view life from the eyes of a child. Allowing yourself to be free and playful. You are young in mind, body & spirit.

When you dark self is in play you lack the ability to grow up and be responsible. Allowing others to enable you by not holding yourself accountable for your happiness and growth.

IMG_0110_Facetune_10-10-2021-12-57-54 2.HEIC

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