August Astro Forecast 

Crystal of the Month

Orange Calcite


Orange calcite helps balance out our emotions. It aids in removing fears & Overcoming trauma such as divorce, death, suicide, & depression. It can help dissolve problems & maximize your potential in any situations.


Key West fairies caught on camera by Christy after Hurricane Irma. They lost a very old tree that year and it is said that the faires returned in search of this old soul.

8/8/2021 Lions Gate Portal

(Time to increase Cosmic Energy & Manifest)

8/8/2021 New Moon in Leo

(Plan to work on creative projects & ventures)

8/11/2021 Mercury enters Virgo

(Thinking & communication becomes detailed)

8/16/2021 Venus enters Libra

(Look for balance & harmony with connections)

8/19/2021 Uranus Retrograde begins in Taurus

(Learn to expect the unexpected! Be Patient)

8/22/2021 Full Moon in Aquarius

(Leo season emphasizing good communication)

8/22/2021 Sun enters in Virgo

(Be Grounded & optimize your daily routine)

8/30/2021 Mercury enters Libra

(There's two sides to every situation. pay attention to indecisiveness)

Angel of the Month



Archangel Chamuel known to help us create a higher connection with the divine love & our personal connections to our soulmate. Call upon this Angel when seeking unconditional love, self love & to find your partner.  

Oracle Card of the Month



The Lion is the master of self transformation. Lion personalities dedicate their lives to personal & spiritual growth. Their personality can inspire or intimidate others. When this energy is out of balance you can be too serious & withdrawn. When in balance you are the epitome of peace & strength. 


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Sometimes we all need a little help. I opened this shop in 2007 with only one goal in mind. I wanted to create a place where people seeking guidance and clarity could receive the truth. A place that the moment you walked into this space, you could feel the positive energy. For those scared of the unknown, they could ask questions and be met by someone eager to teach, help and enlighten. I truly feel our shop has exceeded those goals and we continue to evolve and grow to meet those needs. We support our community and local business

There is no VooDoo or Black Magick practiced or taught in this shop. Only the power of positive energy, manifesting things we need and following the Law of 3.  "Ye Harm None." Never attempt to change free will.

-Christy & Jon Faris-

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